Delicious Arrapana cuisine Resturan

arrapana is located in the heart of Paris, in the region known as the Latin Quarter which is famous for fun and playing throughout the year. Historic places in the city center such as Notre Dame of Paris, Church of Saint-Séverin and Saint Julien le Pauvre, about 500 meters from the famous Musée de Cluny (Medieval National Museum).Located 300 meters from the St Michel and Cluny le Sorbonne metro stations. On Rue du Petit Pont which has the difference becomes the smallest street in Paris. The dishes we serve are Indian food menus with accommodations in Paris. we have special food that is so delicious and a lot of people



We also serve desserts that can arouse your appetite. Start with a variety of grilled shrimp, lamb, chicken cooked in our tandoor oven and different fried vegetables (eggplants and potatoes, seasoned with fancy for the brave

Aarapana Special 

Our food choices are inspired by the tastes of North and South India. Starting with a variety of grilled shrimp, lamb, chicken cooked in the oven. Combined with different fried vegetables namely eggplant and potatoes, seasoned with luxury for the brave Vegetarian dishes with a large mixture of vegetables with their curry with a mild spicy touch.