Confit de Canard

aarapana.com – French specialties are famous for their artistic and luxurious presentation. In addition, in terms of taste, it is easily accepted by everyone’s tongue. So, it is often served in restaurants and five-star hotels.

The country, which is located on the European continent, is famous for its distinctive icon, namely the Eiffel Tower. Various historical tourism objects gathered together there. In addition, France also has romantic places, so it is often used as a honeymoon destination.

However, people’s attention is not only focused on the available vacation spots, but also on their specialties. The country with the capital city of Paris is known as the best culinary center and food paradise on the European Continent. Hundreds of dishes that can spoil the eyes and tongue are offered. Here are the most recommended:

1. Beef Burguignon


This food is a kind of rendang which comes from West Sumatra, Indonesia. Beef burguignon is said to be the tastiest dish in Fashion City. In fact, many are willing to queue long to get it. Made from beef which has a soft texture.

Not only that, it is also simmered in red wine, so the taste is more distinctive and luxurious.
The spices used are garlic, shallots, mushrooms and various fresh herbs.

2. Cassoulet


This casserole-like dish is made of sausage and white beans cooked in one pan. Cassoulet resembles soup, but the sauce is thicker. Because, using various herbs and spices. Due to the high fat content, one serving of these dishes can make you full. It is best eaten in winter in front of the fireplace.

3. Escargot


In Indonesian, “escargot” means snail or snail. This French food uses animal-based ingredients called the Latin Achatina fulica. Maybe snails are not a delicious dish for some people, but if they are properly processed they will be appetizing.

Moreover, snail meat contains lots of protein, vitamin B2 and amino acids that are good for health. Various countries, two of them Japan and China, have also consumed the animal. They used to cook it with vinegar, ginger and soy sauce. In France, the escargot is topped with a mixture of garlic and butter.

4. Ratatouille


This culinary originates from the Nice area, so it is often referred to as ratatouille nicoise. Consists of various kinds of vegetables, such as bay leave, thyme and other leaves. Generally, this dish is eaten with rice, bread or potatoes. But, now it is often used as a sauce for pasta, mixed with omelets and many more.

In the past, ratatouille was a food for poor farmers served in the summer. The contents are courgette or zucchini (a type of cucumber), tomatoes, garlic, red chilies and green chilies.

5. Croissants


Bread from this Romantic Country is popular all over the world, including Indonesia. No wonder it has been named one of the tastiest foods in the world by CNN. Croissant itself means crescent moon, which describes the shape of the snack. It is available in various bakeries, supermarkets to star hotels. The taste is quite varied, from cheese, chocolate, almonds and sandwiches.

Although available in other countries, French croissants are a little different. The aroma and taste of the butter is very strong. It is perfect to enjoy with a glass of tea or coffee while relaxing in the afternoon.

6. Foie Gras

Foie Gras

Although not very popular in the archipelago, foie gras has been a favorite dish since the royal era in the Middle Ages. It is classified as the oldest food in Europe, even the Bulgarians have been cooking it since 20 centuries ago. The main ingredient is goose or duck liver that is made into a paste.

The processing can be done in various ways, from frying, grilling or grilling with a typical French sauce to mixing it into a sandwich. Delivers a delicious and savory taste due to butter. It is so delicious that a serving of foie gras at a five-star restaurant costs up to thousands of US dollars.

7. Coq au Vin

Coq au Vin

When translated from French, “Coq au Vin” means “rooster in wine”. Basically, this dish is in the form of chicken legs cooked in red wine for a long time. So, the texture of the meat is softer and the seasoning is absorbed. Some regions in the country usually use local wines as a mixture.

Other ingredients used are mushroom slices, lardon and sometimes garlic or onions. The food portions are small and taste light, but it can make you want to enjoy it again when you have the opportunity. Not only delicious, coq au vin is also easy to make, making it very popular with housewives.

8. Bouillabaisse


This culinary originates from the city of Marseille, France. Taken from the word “bouillir” which means boiled and “abaiser” which means limited soup. So, this food is called bouillabaisse (pronounced buyabes) because it is cooked by boiling with limited sauce. If you don’t know, bouillabaisse is a kind of fish soup.

In the past, fishermen in Goudes, Marseille used to cook the fish they caught that were not being sold in the market with shells and enough water. Now, it is one of the most coveted dishes by fans of traditional culinary delights in the City of Fashion. Fish is served separately with rouille sauce and toast which can be added to the soup.

9. Soupe a l’oignon

Soupe a l'oignon

This dish is made from a thick stew of beef broth mixed with chopped garlic. Not only that, the soupe a l’oignon is also served with shredded chicken and grated cheese as a flavor enhancer. When viewed from the quality and nutritional value, this food has the right to hold the title as the most delicious culinary in the world.

Although it has been invented since Roman times, a dish with another name for French onion soup was only known internationally in the 1960s. Coinciding with the presence of a number of investors who decided to open a French restaurant in the United States. It didn’t take long, soupe a l’oignon managed to attract the hearts of the world community.

10. Confit de Canard

Confit de Canard

For those who like duck dishes, this French specialty is highly recommended. The main ingredient is duck feet which are ripened for 36 hours. To enrich the taste, add a mixture of garlic, salt and thyme that is marinated for 24 hours more so that the aroma can be absorbed.

Then, duck meat can be fried or grilled before serving with potatoes and garlic.

11. Crème Brulee


Dessert aka this one dessert doesn’t disappoint. The dish is actually a kind of custard and is likened to a typical Indonesian mud cake. However, crème brulee is made from a mixture of milk, vanilla and fruit cooked in the oven. Soft texture with a sweet and fresh taste.

If you are planning a vacation to the country nicknamed Frankland, the culinary above is a must-hunt. Even though the price of typical French food is quite expensive, you will not regret paying for it.

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Recipe for Fresh Fruit Salad Aprana Resturant

In the restaurant arrapan there is a special menu that is mouth booster ie fresh fruit salad. This French-style fresh fruit salad blends with anyone who is addicted to it and wants to taste it again. You need to know the secrets in cooking is important in every restaurant. Well, here is the recipe for fresh fruit salad for dessert

– Prepare all fresh fruit ingredients
– Just put boiling water and sugar. Let it boil for about 5 seconds. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
-Pour the syrup into a large bowl. Peel the oranges and remove the supremes
-Cut supremes into small cubes (maximum 1 cm). Collect orange juice by squeezing white skin between supremes.
-Add diced oranges and juice to sugar syrup. How to start this salad should avoid oxidized lemons like apples or bananas.
-Cut the raspberries in half and add to the oranges.
– Wash carefully, peel all the other fruits (you might be able to protect the skin of nectarines and nectarines) and cut them into cubes with an edge of about 7 mm. This is very important. Most importantly, do not cut the fruit into larger pieces.
– Mix the fruit with a large spoon or spoon.
– Cover with cling film. Chill the fruit salad until it’s ready to be served.
-Pour the salad into a better plate or bowl, respectively, after mixing the salad once or twice to distribute the color evenly.

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